Music Typesetting Program

I had often found myself handcopying short pieces of music, and had started to experiment with setting them using Microsoft Word. While this worked, it took 2-3 hours for a page of music, and it was very frustrating getting everything lined up. So I started coding ...

What you will find below is the program as far as it has got. There are a few half-implemented features (disabled) and a few openings where new bits were going to go, but it is now so long since I wrote it that I have quite forgotten how it works! That said the program has now been upgraded to version 1.3.0 (at 2.6.07) incoporating a new facility to export directly to Bitmap format primarily in reaction to a bug in Windows XP whereby the Print Screen key does not work when running in full screen mode.

Please read the readme file first, and follow the instructions given. You need to download the following files:
README.TXT MUSIC2.BAS MUSIC3.BAS MUSIC.ICO (note that there is no longer a MUSIC1.BAS).

In addition you should create a text file called MUSIC.BAT containing the following batch commands:

@echo off
c:\windows\command\qbasic.exe /run c:\music\music2.bas

where the paths and filenames are as on your own system. This allows you to create a file association in windows (see README.TXT for details).

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