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Route 931
25 March 2010

The 900 series (formerly Mobility Bus) routes have proved quite elusive for these pages, as most only run once or twice per week. They can also provide views of buses in usual places, and the 931 is no exception, bringing Abellio London into Lewisham for the first time. A vehicle off route 152 is used, and 8528 (YX59 BYW) was in use on Friday 5 February 2010 Friday being the only day the 931 operates. On Wednesdays the bus operates on route 917 in the Croydon area.

Photo © RNAM200.

The bus is an interloper, being one of the 407 batch, but an older set of similar vehicles regularly operates on route 152 alongside even older Dart SLFs and the odd Trident. Presumably double deckers would not be allocated to this running, as they might encounter problems on roads that are not necessarily maintained to double deck standards! Both photographs were taken at the back of the Lewisham Centre (formerly Riverdale Centre) between trips.

Photo © RNAM200.

The 931 provides a single return journey and is for some reason non-stop for much of its length. It seems strange that when there is a clear need for more express buses around London that the only one created in recent years is a once-a-week shopper's bus that could well call at all stops, offering more options to its users, without causing too much grief! The route runs from Crystal Palace via Kingswood Estate, Fountain Drive and Hillcrest Estate before running non-stop to Lewisham. One would have thought stops in Sydenham and Catford would be of benefit, although I am not sure if buses take that route!

The service has only just been restored to go into Kingswood Estate after an absence of several years. Buses had to be withdrawn after traffic calming measures were installed which made it hard for a bus to get round. It seems those measures have now been modified. In the interim buses had simply followed the 450 route along Kingswood Drive.

Hillcrest estate is also of added transport interest, as it is built on the site of the former Upper Sydenham station on the Crystal Palace High Level line, from which High Level Drive takes its name. This was sandwiched between two tunnels, the portals of which can still be seen.

See also routes 917, 407, 152

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