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Route 48
14 January 2013

This was the first page on this site to feature the new local management-inspired East London logo after the company was sold by Stagecoach to Macquarie bank. At the time a limited amount of colour variation was allowed, but the TfL preference was for allover red and in the absence of any reason to do otherwise this is what most operators settled for. The East London Group adopted it to eliminate the previous Stagecoach livery, along with the old logos from pre-privatisation days (1988-1994).

However, Stagecoach re-acquired the business in October 2010 after only 4 years, and the Stagecoach fleetnames and "beach ball" logo are back, though all-red has been retained as now obligatory. One legacy of ELBG ownership remains however, as buying policy was diversified, and 174 Scania Omnicitys were amassed. The 48 is one of their regular routes, and 15135 was photographed on Wednesday 5 January 2011. The reader should be able to deduce the location!

Photo © RNAM200 (Robert Mighton).


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